Day 15: Dal Bukhara and masala aloo

Note : see yesterday’s recipe!

This dal tastes even better the next day since it absorbs all the flavours and spices.

I believe same is the case of mutton dishes as well.

Enjoy this dal today with some masala aloo

The method of making it is the same as Aloo Jeera ( please refer to Day 1) except that you add 1/2 tsp of dhaniya ( coriander) and jeera ( cumin) powder.

Have a lovely day!

4 thoughts on “Day 15: Dal Bukhara and masala aloo

  1. I’ve also noticed that many foods taste better the second day. I occasionally make a lamb meatball and yogurt sauce recipe. It’s a nice dish the day I make the meatballs; it’s an incredible dish when I serve the left-overs the next day.

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