Day 20: Simple dahi chicken

If you are short of time and want to do something quick. Have it with hari chutney (recipe given on day 5) I gave this recipe to dad in the morning and he tried it out for lunch. These are his pictures! Ingredients 300-400 g chicken boneless 3 tbsp dahi/yogurt One bay leaf 4-5 blackContinue reading “Day 20: Simple dahi chicken”

Day 19 : Palak raita / Spinach with Yogurt and curry leaves

Very simple to make and works very well with anything. You can have it as meal by itself. Traditionally, my Mom has served it with Biryani whenever there are guests over. I don’t think I can make biryani just yet so I’ll try it out with some plain rice. Ingredients 1. One small bunch Palak/spinachContinue reading “Day 19 : Palak raita / Spinach with Yogurt and curry leaves”

Day 18: Green beans with toasted sesame, crushed nuts and chilli flakes

This is one of my favourites! It tasted great with the leftover cumin lamb of yesterday. Have it with garlic noodles and you’re guaranteed to be in a good mood for the rest of the day Ingredients 1. 250 g green beans 2. 3 cloves garlic 3. 1 tsp crushed garlic 4. 1 1/2 tbspContinue reading “Day 18: Green beans with toasted sesame, crushed nuts and chilli flakes”

Day 17: Cumin lamb with red chilli’s

This is one of those soul satisfying feel- good meals! Much needed when you have just heard that the lockdown has been extended by another 19 days. It’s the middle of a busy week full of studies, and it’s time for my stomach to get some comfort too. This recipe is for 4 people andContinue reading “Day 17: Cumin lamb with red chilli’s”

Day 16 : Grilled eggplant with curry leaves

I struggled to find a name for this. I scourged the net and could not find any version of it. It’s possibly my mom’s most creative recipe! Now for me, eggplant is a straight no no – think it’s one of those acquired tastes. My sister too disliked it earlier but now that she’s aContinue reading “Day 16 : Grilled eggplant with curry leaves”

Day 15: Dal Bukhara and masala aloo

Note : see yesterday’s recipe! This dal tastes even better the next day since it absorbs all the flavours and spices. I believe same is the case of mutton dishes as well. Enjoy this dal today with some masala aloo The method of making it is the same as Aloo Jeera ( please refer toContinue reading “Day 15: Dal Bukhara and masala aloo”

Day 13: Makhani Paneer

Now this is a weekend treat! Perfect for a lazy Saturday – an indulgent lunch followed by an afternoon of relaxation. You can have this with lachha paratha (layered paratha) or rice! Normally, we make it with fresh paneer / cottage cheese, but since we don’t have any I have used the frozen one. IngredientsContinue reading “Day 13: Makhani Paneer”

Day 12 : The Hopper’s Special

Kothu roti! Hopper’s is this lovely Sri Lankan restaurant that my dad and I would always go to whenever he would come to visit us. So first the disclaimer – this is not the Hopper’s recipe nor will it turn out like that! Not even a distant 2nd cousin of the one served there. ThisContinue reading “Day 12 : The Hopper’s Special”