Day 48: Sukka chicken

Perfect for Sunday or a holiday when you need a lot of pampering for all the hard work you’ve put in during the week. And of course, when you have lots of time! While it’s not a quick recipe, it’s not very difficult to make – you just have to be systematic! It’s certainly worthContinue reading “Day 48: Sukka chicken”

Day 19 : Palak raita / Spinach with Yogurt and curry leaves

Very simple to make and works very well with anything. You can have it as meal by itself. Traditionally, my Mom has served it with Biryani whenever there are guests over. I don’t think I can make biryani just yet so I’ll try it out with some plain rice. Ingredients 1. One small bunch Palak/spinachContinue reading “Day 19 : Palak raita / Spinach with Yogurt and curry leaves”