Day 43 : Garlicky mushrooms with courgette and eggplant

My sister’s go-to recipe when she’s short of time but wants to have a healthy and filling meal. Put these delicious garlicky vegetables on nicely toasted sourdough bread!! I never thought of using yogurt in western cooking so it’s a new learning for me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Ingredients 1.Continue reading “Day 43 : Garlicky mushrooms with courgette and eggplant”

Day 37 : Moussaka (vegetarian)

When my sister says she likes it as much as Thai curry then you know it is a seriously good dish! She couldn’t tell that it was made from soya granules- no one can possibly distinguish it from normal keema / mince. It was her idea to add the mushroom cube – a trick sheContinue reading “Day 37 : Moussaka (vegetarian)”

Day 29 : Smoked Aubergine

It’s a light, fragrant meal and certainly something different Ingredients 1. Round aubergine/eggplant/ baingan – 350-400g 2. 4 small onions – do not use dark ones 3. 3 green chilli’s 4. 1/2 tsp jeera (cumin) powder preferably freshly ground 5. 1/2 tsp salt 6. Pinch of garam masala 7. One bowl of Greek or hungContinue reading “Day 29 : Smoked Aubergine”

Day 16 : Grilled eggplant with curry leaves

I struggled to find a name for this. I scourged the net and could not find any version of it. It’s possibly my mom’s most creative recipe! Now for me, eggplant is a straight no no – think it’s one of those acquired tastes. My sister too disliked it earlier but now that she’s aContinue reading “Day 16 : Grilled eggplant with curry leaves”