Day 60 : Biryani (The last day!)

Today is the last day of the Lockdown Chef. 60 days of cooking has been a long yet rewarding journey. I have decided to end my series of lockdown recipes as the reason why I wanted to start this blog has been fulfilled – lockdown rules are easing and Dad has become quite a proficientContinue reading “Day 60 : Biryani (The last day!)”

Day 52: Pumpkin curry

I never really liked pumpkin until I had it in this form. It took a bit of convincing for my sister to try it too but she loved it as well! Ingredients 1. 500g kaddu (pumpkin) 2. 1 onion 3. 1 tomato 4. 2 cloves garlic 5. 1/2 tsp dhania (coriander) powder 6. 1/2 tspContinue reading “Day 52: Pumpkin curry”

Day 39 : Yummy Palak Chaat

This is not the traditional way of making chaat! It is usually made with papri, but we used spinach / Palak leaves as well. It gives it a nice crunch and adds to the flavour. It’s absolutely delicious and a must-try! Ingredients 1. 12-14 spinach leaves / Palak 2. 1 cup besan 3. 1 cupContinue reading “Day 39 : Yummy Palak Chaat”