Day 33: Chicken Barley Khichdi

Khichdi was made in our house when we had fever or any illness as such, so I’ve always associated it with being unwell. A few years ago we visited a restaurant in Delhi which had mutton khichdi on its menu. My Dad being adventurous as always ordered it and it turned out to be theContinue reading “Day 33: Chicken Barley Khichdi”

Day 32: Arhar Dal with Nepali Chutney

Simple and satisfying! I’ve learnt that one can go wrong with even simple dal chawal, but if you use the right ratio of dal to water and cook it for a suitable duration (varies according to type) then it turns out perfect. This is my dads favourite dal. Ingredients for the dal 1. Dal/lentils –Continue reading “Day 32: Arhar Dal with Nepali Chutney”

Day 28 : Chakli aloo (potatoes)

Another simple potato dish, easy to make but delicious. Serves 3 Ingredients 1. 3 medium potatoes 2. 2 green chilli’s 3. 1/2 tsp chilli powder 4. 1/2 tsp salt 5. Pinch of jeera / cumin powder 6. 1/2 tsp of coriander powder 7. 1/4 tsp haldi / turmeric 8. 2 tbsp oil Method 1. WashContinue reading “Day 28 : Chakli aloo (potatoes)”

Day 27: Chicken curry

A simple curry, possibly made in every Indian household with their own variations. Here is ours: Ingredients 1. 2 tbsp oil 2. 1 bay leaf 3. 1 black cardamom 4. 1 tsp cumin/jeera 5. 1 cinnamon stick 6. 1 tsp coriander powder 7. 1/3 tsp chilli powder 8. 1/2 tsp haldi 9. 1/2 tsp saltContinue reading “Day 27: Chicken curry”

Day 24: Bazaari Chole

This is my Nani’s recipe which we have always used. Tried and tested a million times over! Such a versatile dish, have it with kulchas ,rotis or as a chaat with aloo tikkis or the way my dad likes it – with plain bread! Ingredients 1. One cup white channas/ chickpeas 2. 3 cups ofContinue reading “Day 24: Bazaari Chole”

Day 22: Andhra curry with chicken and eggplant

Now that I have been cooking and learning for the past 21 days, I am feeling a bit more confident to take on some challenging recipes. I discovered that the difficult ones are challenging, but not impossible. It’s just more lengthy and requires more ingredients. Another learning is that Indian cooking is far more forgivingContinue reading “Day 22: Andhra curry with chicken and eggplant”

Day 20: Simple dahi chicken

If you are short of time and want to do something quick. Have it with hari chutney (recipe given on day 5) I gave this recipe to dad in the morning and he tried it out for lunch. These are his pictures! Ingredients 300-400 g chicken boneless 3 tbsp dahi/yogurt One bay leaf 4-5 blackContinue reading “Day 20: Simple dahi chicken”

Day 19 : Palak raita / Spinach with Yogurt and curry leaves

Very simple to make and works very well with anything. You can have it as meal by itself. Traditionally, my Mom has served it with Biryani whenever there are guests over. I don’t think I can make biryani just yet so I’ll try it out with some plain rice. Ingredients 1. One small bunch Palak/spinachContinue reading “Day 19 : Palak raita / Spinach with Yogurt and curry leaves”

Day 15: Dal Bukhara and masala aloo

Note : see yesterday’s recipe! This dal tastes even better the next day since it absorbs all the flavours and spices. I believe same is the case of mutton dishes as well. Enjoy this dal today with some masala aloo The method of making it is the same as Aloo Jeera ( please refer toContinue reading “Day 15: Dal Bukhara and masala aloo”