Day 44 : Pad Thai

After a long day of classes, I needed some hot comfort food. And what better than some Thai food. Not only exotic to look at but just so so delicious! Recipe for the chicken – please refer here We like cooking the chicken this way because it gives an extra crunchiness. Alternatively you can useContinue reading “Day 44 : Pad Thai”

Day 25: Stir fry crispy chicken with noodles

Serves 6 Ingredients for Noodles 1. 1 packet noodles 2. 1 carrot 3. 100 g green beans 4. 100 g broccoli 5. 1 small onion 6. 4 pods of garlic 7. 2 stalks of spring onions 8. 1 tbsp oil Method for the noodles 1. Wash and cut the vegetables and garlic into thin andContinue reading “Day 25: Stir fry crispy chicken with noodles”