Day 56: Chicken fajita

As my half term break starts, I have slightly more time on my hands before the final exams start. Thought I might as well make new dishes while I still can! Here’s one which is simple enough but really yummy and hearty. Makes about 3 medium size tortillas Ingredients 1. 250g chicken breast boneless 2.Continue reading “Day 56: Chicken fajita”

Day 54: Pasta in marinara sauce with roasted pumpkin and burrata

Tomatoes are in abundance now and what better than to make a nice hearty meal of pasta after a long hot week? Sit in lounging chair and watch some tv while devouring this delicious bowl of pasta! It takes a while to make a good Mariana sauce so while it’s gently simmering in the pot,Continue reading “Day 54: Pasta in marinara sauce with roasted pumpkin and burrata”

Day 53 : Simple stir fry

This is a simple quick and easy to make meal. Perfect for a busy day. Very colourful and lightly flavoured, you can have a bowl full just like that! This is good for 4 people Ingredients 1. 1/2 large red capsicum * 2. 1/2 large yellow capsicum 3. 1/2 large green capsicum 4. 1 boxContinue reading “Day 53 : Simple stir fry”

Day 45: Baked falafel with roasted vegetables and hummus

For this works nicely as a wholesome, healthy and well balanced meal. If you like, you can also have the falafel and hummus as a snack. It’s baked and not fried and it tastes delicious! Though the fried version looks far better, the taste is just as good. Ingredients 1. 1 cup chana (chickpeas) 2.Continue reading “Day 45: Baked falafel with roasted vegetables and hummus”

Day 31: Pan tossed Vegetables in Nut Butter

Midweek, lots done and lots to do. A quick and simple recipe which my sister taught me. She of course does variations but I’m sticking to the basic one. It’s yummy! Ingredients 1. 2 zucchini’s-about 7” in length. 2. 1/2 box mushrooms – 1 bowl 3. 1 bowl of broccoli florets 4. 1 tbsp hazelnutContinue reading “Day 31: Pan tossed Vegetables in Nut Butter”

Day 23 : Spinach crepes with Roasted vegetables

Healthy and easy one to do especially if you are working or studying and have little time to cook. This recipe makes around 6 crepes It’s colourful as well and makes a very pretty picture Crepes Ingredients 1. 1 cup of boiled spinach 2. 1/3 cup flour 3. 1/3 cup whole wheat flour ( atta)Continue reading “Day 23 : Spinach crepes with Roasted vegetables”