Day 39 : Yummy Palak Chaat

This is not the traditional way of making chaat! It is usually made with papri, but we used spinach / Palak leaves as well. It gives it a nice crunch and adds to the flavour. It’s absolutely delicious and a must-try! Ingredients 1. 12-14 spinach leaves / Palak 2. 1 cup besan 3. 1 cupContinue reading “Day 39 : Yummy Palak Chaat”

Day 36: Fusion beetroot salad

It’s a bit of a fusion – a western vinaigrette but with Indian styled toppings Very quick and easy to prepare – makes a light and cool salad which is perfect as a starter or side dish. Ingredients 3 small – medium sized beetroots 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp of oil (for frying) 1Continue reading “Day 36: Fusion beetroot salad”

Day 19 : Palak raita / Spinach with Yogurt and curry leaves

Very simple to make and works very well with anything. You can have it as meal by itself. Traditionally, my Mom has served it with Biryani whenever there are guests over. I don’t think I can make biryani just yet so I’ll try it out with some plain rice. Ingredients 1. One small bunch Palak/spinachContinue reading “Day 19 : Palak raita / Spinach with Yogurt and curry leaves”