I’m a 16 year old student studying in the UK .

Behind the blog..

To start. things off, let me just clarify – I’m no cook! But I’m trying to change that.

Even while living abroad in a boarding school, I haven’t learnt how to cook – the closest I’ve come to it is boiling water for some delicious Maggi. That, unfortunately, is the extent of my culinary skills.  All members of my family are excellent at cooking except my dad, who is just as good as I am!

Unluckily for us, he had just moved into our new home in Bombay when the lockdown was announced while we were still in Delhi. And that’s how it still is. This isolation situation would otherwise be fine for him, except for the fact that he can’t cook and he’s staying alone. The day before yesterday I heard about his struggles with making rice, which might sound simple enough to most but is an alien concept to someone who is as frightened of cooking as third-graders are of maths.

My nani (grandmother) told me how my mother was like that too when she was in her 20’s, probably even worse – she couldn’t tell a cauliflower from a broccoli! That gave me some hope. I wanted to help my dad out. So I asked my mom if she could teach me a new recipe everyday, which I’ll try to simplify and pass it along to my dad. This blog is for all those people who are in a similar situation as my father, whether you are a kid, university student, or parent. You’re not alone!

So my cooking journey begins…

Saira Chowdhry

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