Day 59: Glazed Moroccan chicken with pomegranate molasses, pickled beets and lemon parsley couscous

Since this is the second last day of my journey as the Lockdown Chef, I thought of doing something simple yet extremely flavourful! The Moroccan spiced chicken with Ras al Hanout is fragrant and tastes amazing with pomegranate molasses glazing which elevated the dish completely – its a trick that my mom learnt from myContinue reading “Day 59: Glazed Moroccan chicken with pomegranate molasses, pickled beets and lemon parsley couscous”

Day 54: Pasta in marinara sauce with roasted pumpkin and burrata

Tomatoes are in abundance now and what better than to make a nice hearty meal of pasta after a long hot week? Sit in lounging chair and watch some tv while devouring this delicious bowl of pasta! It takes a while to make a good Mariana sauce so while it’s gently simmering in the pot,Continue reading “Day 54: Pasta in marinara sauce with roasted pumpkin and burrata”

Day 51: Katsu curry

I have to admit, it’s great to have an older sibling who can cook well! My sister was missing her college and her friends and was reminiscing about how they would make this curry at least once week. So I just thought it will be nice if somehow we could replicate the experience here underContinue reading “Day 51: Katsu curry”

Day 44 : Pad Thai

After a long day of classes, I needed some hot comfort food. And what better than some Thai food. Not only exotic to look at but just so so delicious! Recipe for the chicken – please refer here We like cooking the chicken this way because it gives an extra crunchiness. Alternatively you can useContinue reading “Day 44 : Pad Thai”

Day 43 : Garlicky mushrooms with courgette and eggplant

My sister’s go-to recipe when she’s short of time but wants to have a healthy and filling meal. Put these delicious garlicky vegetables on nicely toasted sourdough bread!! I never thought of using yogurt in western cooking so it’s a new learning for me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Ingredients 1.Continue reading “Day 43 : Garlicky mushrooms with courgette and eggplant”

Day 36: Fusion beetroot salad

It’s a bit of a fusion – a western vinaigrette but with Indian styled toppings Very quick and easy to prepare – makes a light and cool salad which is perfect as a starter or side dish. Ingredients 3 small – medium sized beetroots 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp of oil (for frying) 1Continue reading “Day 36: Fusion beetroot salad”

Day 31: Pan tossed Vegetables in Nut Butter

Midweek, lots done and lots to do. A quick and simple recipe which my sister taught me. She of course does variations but I’m sticking to the basic one. It’s yummy! Ingredients 1. 2 zucchini’s-about 7” in length. 2. 1/2 box mushrooms – 1 bowl 3. 1 bowl of broccoli florets 4. 1 tbsp hazelnutContinue reading “Day 31: Pan tossed Vegetables in Nut Butter”

Day 26 : One pot egg meal

For those busy Friday’s, after a long week of video calls and work in isolation. It’s quick to make and very filling. Serves 2 Ingredients 1. 4 eggs 2. 4 small slices of any bread 3. 1 medium tomato 4. 1 medium onion 5. 1/2 tsp salt 6. 1/4 tsp chilli flakes 7. 1 tbspContinue reading “Day 26 : One pot egg meal”

Day 25: Stir fry crispy chicken with noodles

Serves 6 Ingredients for Noodles 1. 1 packet noodles 2. 1 carrot 3. 100 g green beans 4. 100 g broccoli 5. 1 small onion 6. 4 pods of garlic 7. 2 stalks of spring onions 8. 1 tbsp oil Method for the noodles 1. Wash and cut the vegetables and garlic into thin andContinue reading “Day 25: Stir fry crispy chicken with noodles”

Day 23 : Spinach crepes with Roasted vegetables

Healthy and easy one to do especially if you are working or studying and have little time to cook. This recipe makes around 6 crepes It’s colourful as well and makes a very pretty picture Crepes Ingredients 1. 1 cup of boiled spinach 2. 1/3 cup flour 3. 1/3 cup whole wheat flour ( atta)Continue reading “Day 23 : Spinach crepes with Roasted vegetables”